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The key steps of payment

Monnaie électronique

Distribution is the second key step in the value chain. The form of payment that is issued becomes available to potential users through specific and user centric channels. Distribution of our specialized electronic form of payment, like Ticket Premium, is done through two channels: online, via several distribution websites, and offline, via a broad networks of physical points of sale in Europe, with carefully-planned customer catchment areas so that all users can purchase Ticket Premium near their locations like home or place of work.

Increase your sales potential and diversify your offering to attract new customers to your shop.





Increase your turnover thanks to a commission that you receive for each sale.

You can increase visits to your online and offline stores by offering your customers the option of paying at your nearby points of sale.

Increase traffic and the conversion rate on your website by making a fast-growing form of payment available to your target customers.

TSI also offers the option of developing the reputation of your point of sale (physical or e-commerce) by putting in place cross-channel, co-marketing initiatives.

TSI makes available to you two cross-channel APIs that can adapt to all distribution channels, including responsive web channels, in-app mobile channels, and offline store channels.
Our API connects with all software for physical cash registers and e-commerce CMSes, enabling payment within any online or offline store networks.

Manage your distribution locations and build customer loyalty thanks to real-time information about your network by implementing ‘real-time, on-demand KYC’, which meets regulatory criteria. Information is continuously updated thanks to TSI's expertise with regulatory supervision related to the traceability of electronic money.

Bring your physical and online points of sale closer together

Digitise your customer loyalty tools in your shops by letting customers create and use digital wallets at all of your points of sale.
Incorporate the digital wallets into your cross-channel strategy by deploying them across your entire brand ecosystem :

  • offer your customers that have digital wallets incentives that they can use both on your websites and in your shops.

  • boost your loyalty programme with your digital-wallet customers: use the digital wallet as a support tool for extra sales.