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The key steps of payment

Monnaie électronique

Consumption is the last key step in the value chain. It is the actual use of a form of e-money or redemption. This is the case, for example, when a Ticket Premium or a white label e-wallet is used to pay.

As an online or cross-channel retailer, you have the ability to increase the engagement of a specific target group of your customers with your ecosystem and to attract a group of customers that you would not be able to reach with traditional forms of payment.

6 Million

people in France do not have access to traditional forms of payment for e-commerce or are resistant to using them

100 Million

young people in Europe do not have access to a standard form of payment

Create with ease a proprietary form of payment, fully integrated into a payment channel that is visually and functionally incorporated with a direct link and/or redirection API

Ticket Premium: A method of payment specialised for gaming that is the choice of millions of Europeans

Average Ticket: 54 euros

13 million tickets used

easy to get and easy to use

SSL protocol, data encryption, activation of codes only upon purchase

no banking information to be shared

Budget control: face value of up to €250 that can be used over multiple transactions; product not reloadable

no denied transactions, immediate usage

Minimal risk: a rate of claims that is 10-times lower than for bank cards

Create an ecosystem around your brand by using a white-label electronic money account

Improve the ROI of your loyalty programmes by making a TSI white-label electronic money account available to your customers

Monetise your database (targeting, big data, data mining) and keep your marketing expenses down by strengthening your brand's ecosystem

Grow the capacity for engagement and increase the reputation of your ecosystem

Create a Three-party payment schemes for a specific target group of customers